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Wetdog - Frauhaus!

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2009-11-30

London three piece Wetdog's second album sees them refine the scrappy punk of their debut, which frequently sounded like a very miffed Raincoats. Here, they explore a tense, knife-edge territory on many songs, such as the jerky call-and-response of 'Lower Leg' and the lopsided menace of 'Fist Face', in which tribal drumming and atonal organ frame singer Rivka Gillieron emotionlessly listing things she's going to do to you, which include stroking your hair and smothering your face. Probably not someone you want to get on the wrong side of, then.

While the dispassionate, multilayered vocals and jigsaw puzzle rhythms obviously owe a debt to The Slits (and the title of 'Wymmin's Final' suggests strong Riot Grrrl leanings), the influence of early Fall is evident in many tracks, most notably 'Trehorne Beach Song' and 'Tidy Up Your Bedroom' which features some thrillingly spidery John Barry-style guitar.

While most songs have a strong post punk vibe to them, occasionally Wetdog veer off at a tangent: 'Snapper' taps the same twisted vaudeville as Micachu and the Shapes, while the ghostly harmonies and menacing Hammond of 'New Year' conjure an unsettling film noir atmosphere.

Every song is short and sweet but addictive, making this the kind of scratchy, angry Riot Grrrl album you can stick on at parties. Also, it has to be said: Frauhaus!? Best pun of the year!

Best tracks: 'Tidy Up Your Bedroom', 'Trehorne Beach Song', 'Wymmin's Final'

Richard Morris

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