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Les Savy Fav - Let\'s Stay Friends

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It’s got to shore up your rank as no-frills no-sell-out hard-edge punk pioneers when another respected no-frills no-sell-out hard-edge punk band name check you in a song title of theirs. Which is exactly what no-nonsense Derry boys Jetplane Landing did a couple of years ago with "Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav on the Radio?". It was a reasonable question. A little more give on their part and we’d probably be talking MTV takeovers and themed weekends on Radio 1--for a band that started out blunt and unforgiving, influenced by the unrelenting hardcore of Fugazi, they’ve evolved a silver lining and return from an extended hiatus with Let’s Stay Friends, their most accessible work yet. Expanding an eclectic bent that crept in over the years but not dropping an inch on delivery, "The Year Before the Year 2000" and "The Equestrian" keep up appearances, recalling Husker Du and Quicksand, while "What Would Wolves Do?" is an unexpected mix of The Strokes’ discipline and Mercury Rev’s strained psychedelia, and "Brace Yourself" is a curious mid-air embrace between The Specials and My Bloody Valentine. There’s a raised plot somewhere between Fall Out Boy and Foo Fighters with their name on it, if they want it. But that would probably seem too much like a permanent residence and that’s not their style.--James Berry

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