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!!! - Myth Takes

!!! (pronounced 'chk chk chk') were riding the nu rave wave in 2007. Attracted by their unpronounceable name, !!! were the alternative to what most called a 'fad' genre. Taking the idea of a rock/dance crossover band in a more unconventional direction. Rather than holding an acid house influence, !!! took their inspiration from funkier punk artists such as Gang of Four and Orange Juice. Almost giving nu rave a bit more of a nu wave feel.

Despite not making a commercially viable record, they fell in the deep end by touring with some of the biggest artists in the world. Being on the road with The Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2006 helped bring up their game for the release of Myth Takes. Standing apart from their previous records as a more unique and experimental album. Trying to describe their sound to a friend leaves you with such frustration, you just end up telling them to listen to it for themselves.

Although most of the album is more of a home-listening experience, it does contain the indie-dancefloor gem that is 'Must Be the Moon'. This drum-heavy track, with its infectious bass line, is just too catchy to be ignored. And despite the almost infinite guitar parts, they are nothing but cameos in this rhythm driven song. While 'Yadnus' is a kin to the New York sound, shared by the likes of LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. Electronic funk at it's finest.

Now after a three year break, !!! are returning this year to release their 4th studio album. And seeing as so far they have gone from strength to strength, this time around they may get the adulation they deserve.

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