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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It\'s Blitz

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:

'Zero', which opens YYYs' third album, is one of the most purely euphoric sounds of 2009. Over a disco-meets-no-wave (no-disco?) stutter, undisputed noughties alt- diva Karen O advises us to 'Get your… leather… leather… leather on' before multi-instrumentalist Nick Zinner goes for the Moroder-jugular and sends us shooting headlong into the stars. The result is unadulterated dancefloor bliss.

YYYs' decision to change up their sound with synths 'n' beats could have been a bad one, spelling a Keane-style sales plummet. As it turned out, It's Blitz! kept YYYs nicely in tune with 2009's fetish for all things female-friendly and electro-poppy, while the band and producer Dave Sitek wisely left enough grease on the machine's cogs to stop the product coming out bland.

In contrast to 2006's subdued and angsty Show Your Bones, It's Blitz! finds the YYYs once again swapping spittle and numbers with the night. 'Heads Will Roll' pushes YYYs' new found disco fever to H1N1 danger levels, 'Dragon Queen' oozes early-80s NY Mudd Club-cool, while in 'Soft Shock' and 'Hysteric' YYYs have two worthy successors to the bruised amour of early classic 'Maps'.

There was no contest - in 2009 YYYs owned the indie disco.

Best tracks: 'Zero', 'Hysteric', 'Dragon Queen'

Richard Morris

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