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Hockey Dad - Boronia

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2016-08-12
Hockey Dad are Zach Stephenson on guitar/vocals and Billy Fleming on drums. They’re a couple of young Australian guys, around 20 years of age, friends since the age of 4. Their shared love of beach culture, music and skateboarding evinces a free and easy disposition, one readily translated to their musical style. Breezy, slacker melodies perfectly suited to summer lazing, goggling at the opposite sex and letting time pass without a care in the world. The emotion is easily fathomable, intended as a shared vibe between musician and audience.
In some ways, it's an iconic 1960s musical philosophy, and there are some parallels with early surfer pop, but really the frenetic, indefatigable tempo adopted by Hockey Dad is more modern, the soul of the music not obviously rooted in any singular era of pop. 
Much of the material on Hockey Dad’s debut album Boronia is really just uncomplicated fuzz-pop, unencumbered by life’s more salient concerns, unladen of cynicism. Songs written about girls, getting stoned, catching waves and feeling lost without friends. What could be less pretentious than that ? 
The songs on Boronia are smart, lithe indie-pop vignettes, lyrically naïve but melodically sophisticated and relentlessly ebullient. The energy is infectious even if the songwriting is still being developed. Mind you, there are some great tracks on here, like opener ‘Can’t Have It’, single ‘I Need A Woman’, ‘Dylan's Place’ and ‘Two Forever’ all delivered without irony, the good humour and youthful vigour palpable throughout.



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