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Anti Pasti - Rise Up

by Rob Jones Rating:1 Release Date:2016-08-12

It would be a mystery if anyone could objectively listen to this record and turn around with a positive verdict. This is fast and furious which is what you would expect but, it is also tuneless and without a solitary surprise. If this long player had come out as a debut album in 1978 its contents would have probably scored within the lower margins. However, as a 2016 entity its relevance is even less credible. Some song titles that you would expect from punk warriors and a batch of material that is just repetitive. This rebel without a pause riot rock just fails to score any merit. 

Rise Up is relegation fodder especially when compared to the output of other punk veterans such as The UK Subs (i.e. A full alphabet of albums in and still offering a valid vehement voice). It is not just a case of slating an older act because punk still has a rallying call and some of the best times spent in recent years have been at the Great British Alternative Festival at Butlins, Minehead. At this festival a whole host of original bands have shown that they can still entertain (admittedly there has been a lot of line up changes from those far off days of youthful exuberance). Within the last couple of years there has also been the fortune to witness a whole host of groups who began life in the 70's and these battle hardened performers can still cut the mustard.

If given the choice of this release or an encounter with the likes of Buzzcocks, Cockney Rejects, Penetration, 999, The Damned, Spizz. Angelic Upstarts or Charlie Harper and his crew-it would be a case of sit down Anti Pasti and certainly not Rise Up! 

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