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Boys Forever - Boys Forever

by Rob Jones Rating:8 Release Date:2016-08-05

Boys Forever are a London based outfit with Patrick Doyle (formerly of Veronica Falls) to the fore.  Patrick says that the Boys Forever moniker developed through feelings of an unwillingness to grow up-and, in his 31st year he has looked at certain younger folk and assessed that 'they’ve got everything sorted'. As a result he has wondered when is he 'going to get to that point' or will he remain as a boy forever?. 

Boys Forever filter through the contents of 60's fuelled pop produce and one can detect that their research has been centred upon the influence of a swinging decade where personal freedom exacerbated and human expression aplenty led to the voices of so many more people being rightly heard.
In amongst the tunes of the self-titled Boys Forever album one can pick up the tastes of either side of the Atlantic as tunes of The Byrds and The Kinks spring to mind. This feel is filtered through a more contemporary offspring in the ilk of The La's and The Stone Roses-and, then emotive wordplay coats the goods. In that form the mantras of Buzzcocks and Orange Juice spring to mind where the androgynous iced tales of the poor old (and young) soul has been brought out in to the open. 
There is an array of memorable moments on this 10 track long player and the songs slip seamlessly in to one another with a great deal of aplomb. In this world of required pigeonholing for whatever reasons let us say that Boys Forever are just a provider of pristine pop.

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