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Mark Lanegan announces new album and EP

Mark Lanegan Band will release a new EP and studio album this summer/autumn.

The EP No Bells on Sunday will be available only on limited edition vinyl on August 25. This will be followed by the release of the new studio album, Phantom Radio in the Autumn.

As he approaches his 50th birthday, Mark Lanegan has assembled one of the most extraordinary bodies of work in modern music. Phantom Radio will be the ninth bearing his own name and third with his band, but combine it with the collaborative albums he’s made, be it with Isobel Campbell, or Duke Garwood, or as 50 per cent of the Gutter Twins, or his legendary first band the Screaming Trees, then the total is nearer 20.

Then there’s his guest spots with Queens of the Stone Age and his many collaborations as the singer on records by the varied likes of UNKLE, Martina-Topley Bird, Moby, Soulsavers and Melissa Auf der Maur. In total, Mark Lanegan has made close to 50 records. 

Phantom Radio has been produced by Alain Johannes. “I saw the feet of pilgrims bleeding,” Mark sings on Judgement Time. “I saw whole cities drowning, I saw whole armies dying.” His chief compositional tool on Phantom Radio was his phone – specifically an app called Funk Box. “I didn’t bother to hook up my 909 and 808 this time,” he says, “because the app had ’em. I’d write drum parts with it then add music with the synthesizer or the guitar.”

Phantom Radio grew organically from these synthetic roots, taking in Mark’s ongoing love of Krautrock and also an 80s new wave show on Sirius satellite radio, his favoured aural companion as he drives around Los Angeles. “They have a few good shows but the 80s one in particular I like,” he says.

“That’s the music that was happening when I started making music. And although the Trees drew on Nuggets psychedelia, 13th Floor Elevators and Love, we were actually listening to Echo & the Bunnymen, Rain Parade, The Gun Club. A lot of British post-punk. We loved that stuff. I just waited until I was in my late 40s before I started ripping it off.”

The album title stems from a lyric in 'Smokestack Magic', which features on the EP, No Bells on Sunday, that will precede the album’s release – five songs written during the same period but which were, in Mark’s judgment “too goofy” to fit with the rest. “I’m less apt to throw away a song that might be a little weird nowadays. I can make it work with whatever I’ve got going.”

Phantom Radio will be released in the autumn on Flooded Soil/Heavenly Recordings. The album artwork, tracklisting and more information on the record will be revealed in a few weeks. Following the vinyl-only release of No Bells on Sunday, the EP will become available digitally and on CD as part of a deluxe edition on album release date.

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