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Kishi Bashi announces new album 'Omoiyari' on Joyful Noise

Kishi Bashi announces new album 'Omoiyari' on Joyful Noise
Kishi Bashi announces new album 'Omoiyari' on Joyful Noise

Kishi Bashi has revealed details of his upcoming fourth album, Omoiyari, due for release May 31st via Joyful Noise Records.

As an American with Japanese heritage, Kishi Bashi tackles the current political climate on the album, as he explains: “I was shocked when I saw white supremacy really starting to show its teeth again in America. My parents are immigrants, they came to the United States from Japan post–World War II. As a minority, I felt very insecure for the first time in my adult life in this country. I think that was the real trigger for this project. I didn’t want this project to be about history, but rather the importance of history, and the lessons we can learn. I gravitated toward themes of empathy, compassion, and understanding as a way to overcome fear and intolerance. But I had trouble finding an English title for the piece. Omoiyari is a Japanese word. It doesn't necessarily translate as empathy, but it refers to the idea of creating compassion towards other people by thinking about them. I think the idea of omoiyari is the single biggest thing that can help us overcome aggression and conflict.”

“Sometimes when we look at history, it feels far away and removed. But there are fundamental lessons of love, compassion, and fear that we can learn from the internment and apply to issues today concerning refugees, immigration, and minorities. There are so many tragedies and atrocities that have happened around the world at different times in history, and I think it's really important to have the compassion to understand the suffering that people endured before you and to not repeat the past.”

Check out Summer of '42 below.

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