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Spiral Stairs announces new album 'We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized'

Spiral Stairs announces new album 'We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized'
Spiral Stairs announces new album 'We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized'

Former Pavement member Scott Kannberg has revealed details of his forthcoming Spiral Stairs album. We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized is due March 22nd via Nine Mile Records and you can stream the first track Hyp-No-Tized below.

Kannberg explained some of his influences on the album: “To me, We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized feels like the records I’ve been listening to and the records I’ve been digging and aspire to sound like. In my early twenties I felt like I knew everything – I always knew about new bands before everyone else – but that kind of closed off a lot of bands that I didn’t give much credence to, and now I’m a bit older and it’s, like, ‘Wow, how did I miss that?’. I’m talking things like the first two Nick Lowe records – I’m fucking obsessed by that shit, they’re beautiful, beautiful songs on those records. Then he led me to this guy Jim Ford who’s like a weird country-soul singer, he’s so good. And I’ve really got into Van Morrison way deeper than I’ve ever got into Van Morrison before. YouTube is the greatest thing ever because you can find everything that you want – I can read about a Van Morrison bootleg from 1982 or something that’s supposed to be the greatest thing ever and you can find it on YouTube! So I got into that 1973 album Veedon Fleece, and then of course Roxy Music stuff and Brian Ferry. But I think the influences on this are definitely Nick Lowe and Van Morrison – I even tried to sing like Van Morrison on a lot of the songs, like how he repeats himself a lot. Those are the kind of bands I would never have liked in 1984… or 1994… or 2004 really.”

1. Hyp-No-Tized
2. The Fool
3. Diario
4. Them Cold Eyes
5. Hold On (Til I Figure It Out)
6. Fingerprintz
7. BTG
8. Dear Husband
9. Swampland
10. Borderline

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