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Julia Jacklin announces new album 'Crushing' and shares track

Julia Jacklin announces new album 'Crushing' and shares track
Julia Jacklin announces new album 'Crushing' and shares track

Julia Jacklin has revealed details of her second album, Crushing, to be released February 22nd via Transgressive Records. Jacklin also shared the track Head Alone which can be streamed below.

Regarding Head Alone, Jacklin had this to say: "I wrote most of 'Head Alone' on tour, singing it to myself, looking out the window on endless car journeys. It's not a song that comes from a singular experience. It came from two years of feeling like the space around me shrinking to the point where I couldn't even raise my arms. This song is me raising my arms and running into an open field. A bit of a plea to those around me to give me space and a song to remind myself that it's okay to enforce boundaries, the good people in your life will listen, adapt and still love you."

And had this to say about the album: "I really like this album, I worked hard on it and I really like listening to it. That's not usually how I feel after making something. I've finally come to accept that right now for me, making records is about capturing a time; who I am at that time, what I need to say in the best way I can say it, with minimal studio frills to cover it up. So I'm really happy to announce this one and ready for whatever things get thrown my way because of it. The cover was hard to figure out, seemed like I couldn't think of what kind of image would represent the music in the right way. Hard deadlines always make me more creative surprisingly. I was on tour in the states with my best bud Nick Mckk who takes a lot of my photos, he took my first album cover. We pulled off the highway in Pennsylvania and found a town called Krumsville. There was an antique store with a very friendly owner who let us run free inside. I got the jumper made the day before in NYC, the same day I decided on the album name. I think it works."

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