Trent Reznor declares new album LP, not EP, and also obliterates troll

Trent Reznor declares new album LP, not EP, and also obliterates troll

In the early evening of Monday, May 21st, Oscar and Grammy winner, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails dropped by the Echoing The Sound fan forum to settle an ongoing debate as to whether his upcoming release, Bad Witch, is an EP or an LP. The debate had gone back and forth since its announcement a week ago with some fans calling it an EP because it consists of only six tracks totaling just over 30 minutes and because Bad Witch was stated to be the third in "a trilogy of EPs" which began with 2016's Not The Actual Events, while others argue it is an LP because, according to the RIAA, an LP is "a release with more than 5 tracks". Reznor had the following to say: 

Want to know why it's being labelled an LP instead of an EP? EPs show up with singles in Spotify and other streaming services = they get lost easier.
EPs feel less important in today's music-isn't-as-important-as-it-once-was world. Why make it easier to ignore?
We're not charging any more for it so why get worked up about it? 

After this short paragraph, he added "Quantum550: suck my entire cock." Quantum550 is a forum user who had, earlier that day, declared that they "know very well how an album length is and a EP length is. This is an EP", and then predicted the new album "will probably rank a low #3" when compared to the first two installments" and, finally, that "the EP must have delayed for obvious reasons... (all apologies, etc) but the real fact is lack of inspiration."

The new Nine Inch Nails LPBad Witch, is set for release on CD, vinyl, and digital, on 22 June. The first single, "God Break Down the Door" is available everywhere now.

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