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Evil Blizzard share new video for 'Hello'

Evil Blizzard share new video for 'Hello'
Evil Blizzard share new video for 'Hello'

Evil Blizzard have shared a new video for Hello, the opening track from their forthcoming third album, watch it below. The band from Lancashire, famous for having rehearsed only five times and having four bass players will release The Worst Show on Earth through their own Crackedankles Records on June 29th.

Bassist Filthydirty had this to say  “we’ve been away for a couple of years, and we know you have missed us, so this is just us kicking in your back door, eating your Pot Noodles and nicking your silverware. It’s a song about people not knowing who they are anymore. It’s easy to lose track these days… The long songs are longer; the fast ones faster. We went in the studio without a clue what it would sound like and the songs, all pretty much recorded in one take, formed themselves as we were playing. We had 2 or 3 songs that we’ve been playing live but the others were completely flying by the seat of our pants and that energy and tension has recorded well."

The band will also tour the UK throughout the year, starting in Liverpool this Friday

4/5/18                Liverpool Adelphi Hotel
5/5/18                Manchester Ritz
2/6/18                Long Division Festival, Wakefield
9/6/18                Preston Blitz
16/6/18              Sonic Rock Festival, Bromsgrove
7/7/18                Derby The Hairy Dog
15/7/18              Beatherder Festival, Clitheroe
3/8/18                Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
15/9/18              London 100 Club
29/9/18              Newcastle Think Tank
13/10/18            Glasgow Ivory Blacks
27/10/18            Leeds Brudenell
17/11/18            Birmingham Hare & Hounds
14/12/18            Manchester Academy

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