Bonnacons of Doom announce debut album and share track

Bonnacons of Doom announce debut album and share track
Bonnacons of Doom announce debut album and share track

Liverpool's Bonnacons of Doom have revealed details of their self titled debut album on Rocket Recordings, to be released May 18th. The album was recorded at Suburban Home studios by its owner and Hookworms frontman MJ and the collective take on Psych rock, Drone, Jazz and Acid House.

Listen to the brilliant opening track below.

Guitarist Rob had this to say: “From the beginning, we’ve been really interested in the transformative possibilities of music. How it has the power to make us and the audience at that particular moment into something else. Whether that’s being in a trance like state, being blissed out or just annoying people, there’s something that’s physical and mental that we want to change in people. In particular, we’ve tried to work with repetition, volume and texture rather than traditional song structures. Anything that produces a stasis that people can get lost in rather than following something in a linear or obvious way"

Explaining the band's robes and masks, "Initially it was that we were interested in how British ritualistic costume took things from everyday life and make them otherworldly and slightly grotesque” notes Rob.  “Whatever lineup is playing, once you put on the mask you’re a Bonnacon. The ritualistic is central to what we do. For us, performance exists as this space which is other to everyday life and allows us to access something primal. I was brought up in a religious sect and in my childhood the house was often full of people singing and speaking in tongues. Reflecting on it now, I think those people were reaching to get out of themselves, to get beyond language. Music is used as a force of control and cohesion in religion- it takes people out of themselves by producing different states of consciousness. The album is full of found sound from different religious traditions buried in the mix. By using that cut-up approach we want to be the opposite of controlling- we want people to project what’s important to them on the experience, to create their own ritualistic meanings.”

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