Primal Scream release limited edition EP for RSD

‘MIXOMATOSIS’ consists of two new recordings of ‘GOLDEN ROPE’ (a track originally on last years ‘CHAOSMOSIS” album) which was mixed / remixed by Brendan Lynch and brand new remixes of ‘(FEELING LIKE) A DEMON AGAIN’ by Wrangler and ‘100% OR NOTHING’  by Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Plus a 12” disco mix of “WHERE THE LIGHT GETS IN’ by Jagz Kooner & Andrew Innes. 

“It’s a cool record and we’re really happy with the way it’s turned out. The new version of ‘Golden Rope’ is beautiful. It’s dystopian protest punk funk at it’s finest. Well done Brendan!  And we’re really ecstatic that one of our heroes, Mal from Cabaret Voltaire sings on ‘Demon’ you can hear that on the Wrangler remix. Anton’s ‘100%’ is a classic, 11 crushing minutes of psychotic dub depression. Paranoia never sounded so good. And lastly, Andrew & Jagz throw down their handbags and get lost under the glitterball on a 9 minute discofied ‘Light Gets In'" - Bobby Gillespie 2017

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