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Twin Peaks announce live double album

On May 5th, Twin Peaks will be releasing a live double LP they're calling Urbs in Horto (out digitally on 3/31). The record features recordings from the band’s  shows at Metro and Thalia Hall in Chicago last December, where they closed out a banner year by selling 3000 tickets in their hometown. The track-list includes songs from across the band’s three studio records, as well as a Rolling Stones cover “Dead Flowers” and “What Up, Dawg?,” a fan favorite by Today’s Hits’ James Swanberg. Urbs was recorded by the crew from Treehouse Records to tape, with album art by the band and concert photos by Daniel Topete and Cooper Fox. The band's own Cadien Lake James had this to say of the retrospective collection.
We're excited to be releasing “Urbs In Horto” because our live show varies greatly from our studio output. It retains the energy we learned in our days playing basements in a different way and has been an essential part of our existence, so it felt right to put out a record from our homecoming shows at the end of 2016, our 5th year on the road. We're proud to have recorded it live to 1" reel-to-reel tape with the help of our brothers at Treehouse Records, and to present it as a show of respect to the city we call home. Urbs In Horto is Chicago's motto, meaning “City in a Garden.” Record sounds more like a jungle though.

You can listen to one of the songs off the new live record, "Have You Ever?" (the final song off last year's Down in Heaven). Scroll down to stream.
1. Butterfly
2. Flavor
3. Boomers
4. Stand in the Sand
5. Holding Roses
6. Telephone
7. Getting Better
8. Walk to the One You Love
9. Making Breakfast
10. Cold Lips
11. Keep it Together
12 .Good Lovin’
13. My Boys
14. Natural Villain
15. Stain
16. Have You Ever?
17. Wanted You
18. What Up, Dawg?
19. Dead Flowers
20. Strawberry Smoothie
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