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Marilyn Manson forgets to release new album

In July 2016, after accepting the Alternative Press Icon Award, Marilyn Manson proclaimed to the world that his 10th album,  SAY10* would be released on Valentine's Day 2017. Now, almost a week after his self imposed deadline, Manson has yet to deliver. Towards the end of 2016, Manson stated that the album was nearly finished, and on November 8th, a video clip from the title track was released featuring Manson ripping pages from a bible** and the headless corpse of Donald Drumpf, begging the question: why the delay?

Speculation is running rampant; was Manson trolling his slavishly dedicated fanbase? Has he gone to Washington D.C. to carry out the ultimate publicity stunt alluded to in his recent music video? Or did he merely forget to click "upload”? Fan reactions on social media have ranged from irritated to furious to suicidal to blindly subservient to unshakably worshipful, convinced that this, this is what will make everything in life better. 

 When contacted for comment, Manson's publicist forgot to respond.

SAY10 is the much anticipated follow up to 2015's surprise success, The Pale Emperor which marked Manson's first collaboration with producer and composer, Tyler Bates (300, John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy) and is slated for release about a week ago.

* Because it's his 10th album, but also "Satan". Get it? #clever #wordplay

** Just as he did two decades ago.

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