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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis rework Toydrum track - listen here

Toydrum aka James Griffith and Pablo Clements release My Eye On You “To Reinvision”, a collective interpretation of the duo’s catalogue to date on Skint Records on April 7th.

Running the gamut from Nick Cave’s balladry to Trentmoller’s drum and base tinted electronica, ‘To Reinvision’ was an opportunity for the duo to “let a lot of friends, peers and people we love to work with explore our songs,” explains James Griffith.

The track ‘I’ve Got A Future’ has been gently deconstructed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, stream it below.  The original version provided a fittingly emotive soundtrack to the closing credits of This Is England ’90.

All the artists involved in ‘To Revision’ had their own unique take on their chosen material.  “Steve Mason, for instance, took an instrumental and, with Tom Gray from Gomez, turned it into a full song,” adds Pablo Clements. “Others took snippets and made whole new tracks from them. We also invited label mates Joel Wells and Abi Wade to cover a song of their choice. It was a green light to do what they wanted.”

Toydrum aka Griffith and Clements met as members of UNKLE and have released two critically acclaimed albums – Distant Focus Vol. 1 and Evangelist - under the Toydrum moniker.  The latter featured the late musical maverick Gavin Clark most notably on the soundtrack for Shane Meadow’s This Is England ’90. The duo have created film soundtracks – Detour starring Emory Cohen, Tye Sheridan and Bel Powley,  Alice Lowe’s Prevenge and Solitudo and as yet to be released London Fields, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Sturgess and Amber Heard. Their remix catalogue includes a remix of the year for Band Of Skulls and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.  

Gavin Clark died in 2015 aged just 46 and it was his death that proved the catalyst for ‘To Reinvision’.  “We wanted as many people as possible to hear Gavin’s songs,” says Pablo. “These new versions will introduce Gavin to a whole different audience. His legacy needs to be strong and we feel these versions will help with that.”

Pulling in the best loved moments from their debut ‘Distant Focus Vol. 1’ and ‘Evangelist’, ‘My Eye On You (To Reinvision) sees Frank Wiedemann of Âme give ‘God Song’ a glistening house pulse, Beyond The Wizard Sleeve’s Richard Norris reimagine ‘Know One Will Ever Know’ as choral electro, Steve Mason & Tom Gray rework ‘A Distant Focus’ into a song of its own called ‘‘Just Like Going Home’ plus the hazy, melancholic deconstruction of ‘I’ve Got A Future’ by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Toydrum not only found themselves influencing musicians but also a growing host of filmmakers. ‘I’ve Got A Future‘ inspired the short film ‘The Hope You Promised Was Love‘ directed by Jack Weatherley and starring Jim Sturgess (of ‘Cloud Atlas/Feed The Beast fame) and Stacy Martin (from Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’). Jack has also written and directed another short to the track ‘Know One Will Ever Know’ that features Michael Smiley (Kill List/Field In England/Free Fire) and Joe Hartley (This Is England/Eddie The Eagle) also introducing Patrick Smiley.  

1. Toydrum - My Eye On You (Ft. Gavin Clark)
2. Toydrum - Void & Form (Ft. Joel Wells) (Trentemoller Remix)
3. Toydrum - It Came Without Warning (Alexander Palmestal Rework)
4. Toydrum - I’ve Got A Future (Ft. Gavin Clark) (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Rework)
5. Toydrum - Waves Form (MEon Rework)
6. Toydrum - God Song (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
7. Toydrum - I’m In Love Tonight (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
8. Toydrum - Just Like Going Home (Steve Mason & Tom Gray Rework)
9. Toydrum - Jesus Song (Rival Consoles Rework)
10. Toydrum - Blue Crystal Fire (Joel Wells & Abi Wade)
11. Toydrum - Oscar’s Theme (Correlations Remix)
12. Toydrum - It Came Without Warning (Another Man Lost, Samana Rework)
13. Toydrum - Know One Will Ever Know (Richard Norris Remix)
14. Toydrum - I’ve Got A Future (Ft. Gavin Clark) (Mojib’s Two Litanies Remix)

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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis rework Toydrum track - listen here - News - Soundblab
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