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Dirty Projectors release 'Little Bubble' song & video

The new Dirty Projectors song ‘Little Bubble’ is Quiet Storm for a climatically unstable future.  A gorgeous song about love and loss, it gives us one of David Longstreth’s most guileless and beautiful melodies yet.

Social bubbles; cultural and technological bubbles; the bubbles we create and inhabit in our most intimate relationships: ‘Little Bubble’ is a very timely exploration of the double-edged sword of comfort and insularity, and the trade-offs we make choosing them.

The lush production — Rhodes electric piano, acoustic guitar, string quartet & trombone trio, and huge, intricate drums — reminds us of Longstreth’s work on Solange’s A Seat At The Table.  The production simultaneously looks backward — to Ellington as much to Stevie Wonder — and forward, to a digital singularity in which audio is just another form of data to be glitched, hacked and manipulated.

The video explores the metaphor of Earth itself as a fragile bubble of life in a cold, dead universe.  Building on the visual language of Dirty Projectors’ 2012 short film Hi Custodian, it was directed by Longstreth and longtime collaborator Adam Newport-Berra.

After the devastatingly damaged soul of ‘Keep Your Name,’ here is ‘Little Bubble’ — the second song from the hotly anticipated, possibly forthcoming but yet-unannounced next Dirty Projectors work.

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Dirty Projectors release 'Little Bubble' song & video - News - Soundblab
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