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The art of record sleeves is alive with new Sleevenote app

Tom Vek, the London-based recording artist on the brink of releasing his third album, has been working on a project to reinvigorate the presentation of digital music.

The project, named Sleevenote, takes the heritage of physical music artwork and updates it for the digital age. In an app on your iPhone or iPad, albums get back-cover tracklist artwork and become tactile double-sided ‘sleeves’. Like virtual LPs you flip albums over with the swipe of a finger and play a song simply by tapping it in the artwork.

Sleevenote is available now on the App Store and the artwork database is steadily growing. You can take a look at the 100’s of albums in the database so far on the website. Even without tracklist artwork you can still enjoy the app’s minimal design and help out by requesting the artwork for your favourite albums.

The project came about because of Tom’s love for music artwork:

"It’s no secret to anyone who follows my music that I take great enjoyment in designing my own artwork, but I wanted to see it on my phone, where I play most of my music, so I thought I’d look into a solution. It focuses on tracklist art because it’s what you need to navigate an album’s songs and I love seeing all the different designs, it reminds you how individual albums are.”

Sleevenote works with local or cloud music in your iTunes library, it helps you differentiate between music you check out and music you want to own:

“I like that it feels more like you are owning a tactile format. Extra artwork and an improved experience were part of the reward you typically got for owning music. I do believe there is a deep importance in owning the albums that you feel profoundly connected to, but ultimately it’s about keeping albums looking cool.”

Tom is keen for it to grow naturally and get artists and labels on board to scale it into an industry standard for digital music.

“It’s early days and a very small team but I believe it’s a viable platform for handling tracklist artwork for the majority of albums, and would be perfect for adding booklet artwork. It’s ambitious but between labels supplying us with official artwork and design-savvy fans who can help provide older and rare stuff, it could grow incredibly quickly, and create a compelling digital format and archive for music releases. If there is a wide interest I’d love to be able to grow it.”

Download Sleevenote free from the App Store here, just make sure you have some music on your iPhone or iPad, or an iTunes Match account.

If you are a label, artist or designer interested in supplying artwork to the database you can find more information at Follow Sleevenote on Twitter @Sleevenote and


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