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New album 'Mess' released March 24th 2014

The new album, Mess, is released on 24 March 2014 on CD, double vinyl, download plus an extra special limited edition vinyl, which sold out in less than 24 hours. Pre-order links the album here:

Mess is the follow up to 2012’s WIXIW, the sound of a band in an ambiguous, fragile
in-between state. Mess, on the other hand, is Liars with their balls out – an angry, ecstatic, primal burst of ritualistic electronics that sacrifices self-persecution for potent, purposeful abandon.

Watch the trailer for the new album here:

Liars' career has seen the band rattle through pigeonholes in an attempt to avoid them all together: brittle yet taut punk funk; liminal no-wave; ecstatic noise-pop; 21st-century garage rock; post-millennial post-rock; delicate electronics; reaching here, where Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross now find themselves – maybe not quite at ease with the world, but staring it straight in the eye while showing their teeth.

Mask Maker
Vox Tuned D.E.D.
I’m No Gold
Pro Anti Anti
Can’t Hear Well
Mess On A Mission
Dress Walker
Perpetual Village
Left Speaker Blown

Mess is the sound of Liars not only facing their fears, but chewing them up and spitting them back out in all their technicolour glory.


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