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1 Aug 2019

10/10 review! Not my favourite listening experience by a long shot, but you're absolutely spot-on about this album. Excellent!

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17 Jul 2019

1977!!! NO ELVIS BEATLES OR THE ROLLING STONES... IN 1977 I was born. YEAH! 8)

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12 Jun 2019

Absolutely. I was lucky enough to open for the band when I was in a metal-progressive rock band back in 2004-7 down in Invercargill at the bottom of the South Island. Highly memorable gig!

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10 Jun 2019

Let's hear it for New Zealand band Jakob!! Cale/Drew is such a great album. Thanks for recognising the band and including them :)

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8 Jun 2019

Wow. This is an excellent review. And the album, which I still haven't listened to, might be the one Sonic Youth album that I can get into (as an album). They can be a difficult band - lots of great songs, interspersed with crazy songs, or even boring songs. So far Washing Machine has had the most songs that I [i]like[/i] on it, which is what makes it most "accessible" for me.

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5 Jun 2019

Great review James. I can't wait to give it a listen. I'd probably say White Silence is simply the best overview type album for the uninitiated, as it covers all the bases. But Jupiter is a classic.

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12 Sep 2018

Excellent review! And am so happy that WWPJ have maintained such a high level of songwriting and craftsmanship. Bummed I missed out on this review, but am really glad you did a thorough job instead. :)

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25 Aug 2018

Great review! This is a band I really wish had let go of the Alice in Chains name and just started again with a new name. Sure there's lots of similarities, and all same members except one, but they could have also pushed in a new, and maybe more satisfying, direction.

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19 Aug 2018

Thanks James! The music never grows old. :)

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6 Jul 2018

Supertramp are great, but they got their pop crossover exactly right, just like Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody. 'Pure' prog rock is difficult for most like jazz fusion at its extremes. No doubt this is a classic though - even punk band Bad Religion make nods to it.

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