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25 Jun 2010

Wow. What a treat! Where do I start?... First of all, you seem a little obsessed with me as my names all over your Twitter page...crush brewing perhaps? In regards to 'sabotaging' your career and attacking you personally - get a grip. I am not going to apologise for not finding your music enjoyable and if you can't handle criticism why are you attempting to break into an industry based on judgement? You can't accuse everyone who doesn't sing your praises as discriminatory, what a joke. Man-up and develop a sense of humour, you're not going to get very far if you can't laugh at yourself. I really do not understand how this has got anything to do with the fact that you're Australian. You could live next door and lend me sugar and I still wouldn't care for 'Losing Control'. I have no problem with race or nationality, you appear to be the one with xenophobic(http://www.thefreedictionary.com/xenophobic) tendencies, not me. I'd say you were the one making personal judgements, do you know much about my musical knowledge, my race, or education? Yeah, didn't think so. I notice you're also pissed off with the little-known publication Q magazine. I take it the came to a similar conclusion to me? How unfair. 4/10, 2/5, neither of them add up to a good review...Perhaps we could join forces to further 'sabotage' your blossoming career. Thanks for drawing attention to my writing and advertising Soundblab all over your Twitter page. Maybe one day you could reach over 26 followers and we could benefit even more :) p.s. Your bemusement over the name 'Q' made me giggle. Rapanease anyone?

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