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28 Nov 2011

Meh. I joined just to pull you up on the "Florence has already lost her creativity and flair" remark. What rubbish. Calling her a "bush-alike" reminds me of the billion other music reviews that compare every single slightly ethereal, slightly kooky female singer songwriter to either Kate Bush or Bjork. And in talking about a loss of creativity, surely Bush herself is far from immune? Her last two music videos have both had her fingerprints all over them, as well as being near unwatchable embarrassments. The most recent - Deeper Understanding - feels so awkward, childish and detached from modern music video aesthetics, that it seems positively trapped in amber from 1985. Kate, as much as I honestly wish it weren't true, is not nearly the all-rounder art pop genius she once was. And there's no need to cut down younger ingenues like Florence, in an effort to pretend that she is.

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