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17 Nov 2011

What a timely rediscovery this is! Having fallen in love with their music back in 1994 (DI Go Pop, then backtracking to pick up their EPs) and being pissed off at the lack of recognition they were afforded before their untimely and sudden split in early 1995 after seeing them supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees (of all people!), I quietly campaigned with their then record company RT to issue their swansong album Technicolour - and it did eventually come out in late 96..... such was the utter passion I reserved for this band back then. The amazing thing is, 15 years later - 20 if you realise that their first releases were in 1991 - they still sound like nothing else on earth: a true mark of their maverick genius. At that time - the early 90s, and pre-Britpop rubbish - the UK underground was a fertile ground for these singularly inventive bands who shared one common aesthetic: to redefine the parameters of pop/rock/electronic/experimental. I was hooked on bands such as DI, Stereolab, Pram, Seefeel, Bark Psychosis, Moonshake, Laika, Movietone, Plone....all of whom were just a refreshing antidote to the generic dullness of the prevailing plodding indie blandness that surrounded them. Some of these acts (Moonshake and Laika especially, seeing as they shared personnel after the former split in half) were just as creative as DI in the use of samples and loops, and this is what kind of brings them all together and makes their records so compulsively addictive and enjoyable even after all these years. These records have never sounded dated because they come from - and indeed belong in - a truly different dimension / space time continuum, one where trends and fads are utterly irrelevant. It's great to see bands like DI getting their due in such a way, no matter how belated, as I too had been spreading the word about their greatness to anybody who would listen back then, and it's so gratifying to see that some discerning pop-pickers are beginning to see the light at last!

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