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12 Mar 2019

Top 2 total agreement - always thought Kiss Me.. was too sprawling and inconsistent so would rank it a bit lower for me but pretty much would rank every other album in the same places

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12 Dec 2018

What a fantastic review of the Greatest album of all time. Well researched and beautifully articulated. Excellent work Howard !!!

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24 Jun 2018

they are excellent live - we only got 30 minutes of them when they supported GYBE last year and were just getting going - but they were well worth the long wait to finally see them!!!

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17 Jan 2018

Nice article. I've been a fan of Carsick Cars from Beijing ever since I saw them at ATP 10 years ago - who gave a brilliant Sonic Youth influenced performance and their albums have been excellent too . From nearby Taiwan Skip Skip Ben Ben are another great band that I recommend!

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11 Jan 2018

that's a shame - I've never previously heard of the Prids until I caught 'Summer Cult' on DKFM and thought it was an excellent song, similar in ethos to other West Coast bands such as Chasms, and was hoping for more of the same from the rest of the album!

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14 Sep 2017

really sad news - always loved Grant's songwriting and 'Diane' is simply glorious - RIP Grant

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30 Jun 2017

I agree with Steve on this - I'm pretty disappointed with this too - bar 'All I Want' most of the tracks sound too close to their worst album 'Carnival of Light' for comfort - and I second Slowdive's excellent new release!

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30 Mar 2017

Thanks Steve - agree re Ride - very disappointed so far - especially as Slowdive's new stuff is great in comparison!!!

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12 Jan 2017

I can see they've been listening to some of their imitators (many of whom I love) - there's definitely an oomph to this - which they tinkered at with their beefed-up shows at the back end of 2014. It's great they're back!

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14 Apr 2016

a good comprehensive review but sadly IMHO Junk is woeful, not a patch on his previous albums, overblown and dull and not a single memorable song - a shame :-(

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