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12 Mar 2019

I will give more respect to a Cure album ranker when Disintegration isn't no. 1 on the list. It's too easy, like naming the Beatles and AC/DC when someone asks what rock bands are your favorite. It's a great fucking album, sure, but it is jumping on the bandwagon to justify this as the best album just because it's what a bulk of concert goers love and sold millions of copies. And where is the author getting some of these "facts". Multiple internet sources may claim it was a fire in Smith's home, but I recall it being explained by Smith in a radio interview that it was a studio fire where most of his belongings, "fitting into two large bags" were slightly damaged. He never even says the pics were of Mary. Moreover, why the assumption that "Lovesong" is making up for some strange behavior at a wedding? And, check the lyric credits. Why is one so sure it's always Smith's lovelife being discussed? The other members have penises and contribute to songs. It's probably the biggest mistake of any Cure album ranking article to not assess the band's goals as genuine artists and what they were aspiring to do when approaching each album. They have a history of aiming at avoiding being pigeonholed into genres and labels. For this very reason, it's hard to rank which album is best. The best albums are not 4:13 or The Cure by any means, but South Park and fanbase obsession with Disintegration doesn't convince me either.

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