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21 Mar 2019

It is definitely not the Drones here? GL is at the centre of LGBT political movement, let’s not forget, as a relatively new band TFS started playing headline shows at Gay Marriage rallies and other LGBT events, so enlighten us all how he is not an SJW for this political movement now? GL has his Bi-sexual tendencies on show for the entire world to see in this video clip when, he gives felatio to a male sex toy, so again enlighten us if anything has been missed here?

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5 Mar 2019

The New Breed Of Pseudo SJW is here on show, this music is really below average, it’s Boring, monotonous, the singing is out of key, musical abilities = ZERO, a sequencer and a few arpeggio pedals creates what you hearing, not only is this dated and irrelevant to the music of today. Collapse

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