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20 Apr 2019

Thanks, James!

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16 Sep 2018

Ok, thanks for the clarification, it certainly makes sense, but I still beg to differ...

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15 Sep 2018

"Usual standards"? yours, mine or everybody else's? I guess we disagree, Ed...

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25 Jun 2018

Thanks, James. Actually, it took me a while too to get into their music, but when I did, it turned out to be quite rewarding.

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18 May 2018

Thanks, James, I would rate this one as one of the best during that decade.

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26 Jan 2018

Thank for your corrections John, I wasn't sure about those anyway.

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14 Nov 2017

Nice review, a personal favourite of mine, as far as The Doors are concerned.

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18 Oct 2017

Thanks, Bob!

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17 Oct 2017

Thanks, Jeff, great to hear that you agree.

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