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28 Mar 2019

Great list! I know I'm probably in the minority, but I've always liked Infidels. Sweetheart Like You is simply one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard, and Jokerman is excellent as well. A great album from start to finish.

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24 Nov 2018

Great review, Kevin. I came to Eno era Bowie late, via an autobiography I read in my late teens called Christiane F. It was made into a movie and the soundtrack was all trilogy including a live version of "Heroes." This was the Bowie music that made me love his work, rather than a mere casual fan.

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9 Sep 2018

I hear you on being born in the wrong country and wrong time. I would've loved to be teen living in London in the mid-70s. Also, this album is the perfect photo to sum out 60s L.A.

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4 Aug 2018

WYWH is a bit too lazy and self-indulgent for my taste. I like it and it certainly gets a lot of air time for the three FM-friendly tracks, but it just kind of meanders to me. DSOTM is as iconic as a rock record gets, but my fave is Animals.

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26 Jul 2018

I'd easily rate this a 10 bc it's one of only a handful of truly iconic rock albums of the last 50+ years. This was THE album to test drive one's bulky Koss headphones back in the 70s when I first heard it bc it was (is) sonically unequaled. It's not my fave PF, but it is arguably their pinnacle.

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23 Jul 2018

"Entitled-fan syndrome" I love it! As a teen, my band was Aerosmith (dates me, I know), so when they became MTV darlings a decade or so later (same with ZZ Top), I was not happy. As for REM, I haven't listened to anything post Bill Berry, so I clearly suffer from EFS, too.

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19 Jul 2018

Another solid REM Review, James. I'm in the "anthemic arena rock" crowd bc I think Document and Green are their best two (Fables and Pageant following behind). Still, there's much to like about this album. Despite some missteps, it gave us Country Feedback, one of their greatest songs ever.

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11 Jul 2018

Sorry for the delay, but thanks, Mark! I first heard X when Ain't Love Grand was released. Saw them a few years later, albeit without Billy Zoom. Met them after and they were really cool and down to earth. There are a lot of people who missed the boat on X.

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9 Jul 2018

Freaking gloriously hilarious review, Kevin! I'm all in with you on prog rock. College introduced me to a bunch of Rush stoners with predictable results. The same ppl exposed me to lethal doses of the Grateful Dead. Oh, the humanity. Side note: I've always been more of a Doritos man, myself. Crunch.

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15 Apr 2018

Great stuff, Mark! I caught the earlier leg of the tour in Richmond last September, and it was really good. "Boyish" is easily my favorite from the album, and as you stated, the studio-heavy textures of the album were reproduced well on stage. I really think Zauner is destined for big things.

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