Vertigo Records Swirl albums 1969-1972

by Bill Golembeski
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Vertigo was the underground hip label of Philips/Phonogram Record Company. It paralleled EMI's Harvest imprint. These records are famous for their 'swirl' black and white labels. A few bands like Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep sold enough to subsidize all the other records that sold zilch and, ironically, are three figure collector items today. But, like the wonderful Harvest recordings, these albums range from folk to rock to blues to jazz. Ears were a bit more open way back then. Oddly enough, Mercury Records released a few of these albums with the 'swirl' intact. In 1973, the company switched artwork to a Roger Dean spaceship design. And some of the older albums were repressed without that 'swirl' into which these vinyl grooves, and our attention, was wont to spin. Click an album below to read a review

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