The Best Psychedelic Albums of the 21st Century - Part 2

by Bob Coyne
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Following on from my first list, here are the next best 100 albums from 100 artists. It was hard to leave a lot of these albums off the first list so this is more of a continuation than a runner's up list. There's a lot more Psych Rock on this one but still plenty of bands that veer off the traditional path with just some minor psychedelic influences. Quite a few of these albums might be hard to find now on vinyl, having been released in a very short run of just 500 copies but you can still check most out on Spotify or Youtube.

If you haven't already, check out the first list by clicking my name above to visit my profile and click the Lists tab. Comment below to let me know what I missed from both lists. There will be a part three. (Some reviews below may not reflect my opinion) Click an album below to read a review

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