Pink Floyd - Every Album Ranked

by Bob Coyne
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Pink Floyd are one of those bands that dabbled in a number of genres across a number of decades. Their late 60s psychedelic albums are much different from their 70s Prog albums, and that's before we even get to The Wall. So ranking them depends on your preference but in my opinion, there's nothing like The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, it's the best example of the 60s British Psychedelic scene. I've also ranked Wish You Were Here above Dark Side as I feel it's a better representation of Prog Rock. Here are all of their studio albums ranked but I've cheated and included the compilation Relics as it has a fair amount of non-album tracks. Have your say below. Click an album below to read a review

Comments (1)

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I've been on a big Pink Floyd kick the last couple weeks, and I definitely prefer Wish You Were Here to Dark Side of the Moon, "greatest album ever" praise notwithstanding. I can't get into The Piper at the Gates of Dawn though.

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