My Year In Music - 1994

by paul_guyet
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What. The fuck. Was happening with music in 1994? I was 13 and, looking back, I'm sure some of it has to do with nostalgia, with discovering things that spoke to me during my formative years, with my lack of life experience being superseded and supplemented by the life experiences of these bands and artists, with the fact that I had grown up in New York City and had, at that precious, transformative age, found myself in Florida (culture shock at best and relocating from a crystal palace to a toilet which is on fire at worst) and I needed, desperately, to escape...all these factors must be considered, but when I revisit this music today, a quarter century later, I find that almost all of it not only stands up, but sounds even better.
So I ask again: what the fuck was happening with music in 1994? Click an album below to read a review

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