Magical Music from Ireland

by Bill Golembeski
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I watched The Chieftains play at The Lisdoonvarna Festival in 1980. They sat in a circle. The great piper Paddy Moloney started the tune and then passed the music to a younger member (Matt Molloy had just joined the band). Then Paddy nodded, not in approval, but rather, in appreciation. And that's the deal with Irish music: It's been passed through generations with the purest joy of playing. This list is a musical circle that includes the folk of Christy Moore, Planxty, and early Clannad; the rock of Skid Row (not the hair band!), Thin Lizzy, and The Frames; and, of course, Van Morrison, Rory Gallagher, and (my beloved) Horslips. Irish music is simply a magically aged stone circle that still vibrates today.
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