21 underappreciated albums and EP's from the year so far...

by Andy Brown
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So, we're three quarters of the way through the year and there's been a lot of fantastic music to get our teeth into. So much that a fair bit of it seems to have slipped under the radar. The list below is an attempt to gather together some of those albums and EP’s that might have passed you by. Some of those releases that really deserve your time (and your ears).

From the urgent and incendiary ‘Run For President’ EP by Hello Cosmos to the blissful ambience of ‘Weightless’ by Anthéne. The soulful, minimalist holy blues of Clara Engel’s ‘Little Blue Fox’ EP to the blistering post-rock of ‘Divino Afflante Spiritu’ by Brazil’s Labirinto.

You want to hear an album of stunning Jobriath covers? Try Das Pain’s exceptional ‘Nobriath’ EP. You need some charismatic and vital hip-hop? Try ‘Sad’ by Brooklyn’s consistently awesome Miss Eaves. A concept compilation album about the moon landings? Try the atmospheric drones of ‘Mysterium Lunae: A Requiem For The Invasion Of The Moon’.

It’s also a good chance to highlight some of my favourite labels. It’s worth checking out anything and everything released by Home Normal, Aurora Borealis and Gringo Records.

You can find all this amazing music over at Bandcamp (with the exception of AlcaRock, find their EP on SoundCloud). Dig deep! Click an album below to read a review

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