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LA dream-poppers Boardwalk have just released their debut album and are getting some acclaim for sultry, somnambulist sound. Soundblab caught up with them to discuss their songwriting process, the best place in LA for sleazy rock 'n' roll, and why nice old men like their 'easy listening' music.

How did you meet and start making music?

Amber: Mike and I met thru a mutual musician friend to discuss another project. We hit it off and ended up writing as a duo instead.

Who are your inspirations?

Mike: The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Phil Spector, Jonny Greenwood.

Your music's been tagged as 'dreampop' and 'shoegaze'. Are you happy with those labels? How would you describe your music?

Mike: Sure, those are fine with me. I think the music is whatever the listener interprets it as.

Amber: For example when we play shows we sometimes have a nice old man who comes up and wants to buy a CD. To him it's 'easy listening'.

Having never been to LA, when I think of the city's music I think of sleazy rock 'n' roll. Am I way off the mark there?

Amber: There are lots of cool bands in LA but I think you could find sleazy rock 'n' roll in West Hollywood.

Mike: I think you're right.

Which new acts should we be checking out?

Amber: White Dove.

Mike: Mr. Goodnight.

How have you found being signed to Stones Throw Records?

Amber: Stones Throw is great. They are all about the artist and that's what we liked about them.

Tell us about your self-titled album. What was the recording process like?

Mike: We recorded most of the record from my home studio but tracked some vocals at Sunset Sound. My goal is to get the tone right during recording, not in the mixing process. I spent a lot of time on mic placement, amp and instrument selection, etc.

What's your working relationship like? Do you both contribute to the songwriting process?

Amber: Mike does the music, I do the vocals and we do lyrics together. I think we both need a certain amount of privacy to create but we enjoy coming together to finish them off.

Do you have a favourite place to play and why?

Amber: We haven't yet, but I'd love to play the Santa Barbara Bowl someday because it is surrounded by woods.

What's next for Boardwalk?

Mike: We are getting ready to tour for the first time

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