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So your single Black Dog is due for release on June 4. I can imagine you're feeling pretty excited?

It has been really exciting! Especially because we are running the label ourselves. Feels Good!

I see Black Dog, without even being officially released yet, has has been hyped across numerous websites with such a positive response. How does this make you feel?

It is especially exciting to see people writing about Jennifer Left in their own personal blogs before the single has been released. Someone out there is flying the flag and shouting about it.

Was it the response you had hoped for?

Releasing a debut single is pretty scary... You work on it, tinkering away and working hard to put it out there with no idea of what is going to happen. I mean, sure, I think its good, but others might not hear what I hear. So far the response has been really positive, which is really spurring me on for the next release.

Where would you say your biggest fan base is?


For those who haven't heard of you, how would you describe your sound?

Folk/swing, someone called it swing noir last week... But it has a lot of folkiness in there too. It's upbeat and catchy, juxtaposed with darker storytelling over the top.

You take inspiration from the songs you grew up listening to. Could you elaborate a little for us?

My dad would always get records out in the kitchen and tell me who the musician was on the front, their whole entire back story, sing their lyrics and really drum into me the passion and storytelling they had as an artist... I mean all of this before he even played it! It really was an education growing up, he would spot test me on my artists and release dates while driving in the car listening to the radio.

When I left home, I raided the music rack and pinched Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Canned Heat, Karen Dalton, Van Morrison, Paul Simon. I wasn't moving 500 miles away from home without those guys, and my Dad didnt mind..

Talking lyrics, what is your all time favourite?

Oh what?... You are killing me! That is so hard! Can I quote my dad's favourite lyric instead? "A carrot is as close as a rabbit will get to a diamond" - Captain Beefheart. it will have to be: "Drink up, baby, stay up all night/ The things you could do, you won't but you might/ The potential you'll be, that you'll never see/ The promises you'll only make" - Elliot Smith

Tomorrow it will be something different.

You covered New Order's 'Temptation'. What sparked this decision? Are you a huge New Order fan?

I would go clubbing in Foundation in Newcastle every Thursday to an indie inght called Stone Love. It was the BEST night... I'd always ask for 'Temptation' by New Order and dance around in circles when it came on. Good times...

Can we expect many more covers from you in the near future?

I think everyone likes a good cover version these days. It's sometimes a good way of connecting to your audience, or making lyrics of a 'ordinary' pop song stand out on their own. Take Jose Gonzales version of 'Put Your Hand on Your Heart'.I mean, the lyric "Look me in the eye and tell me we are really through"... It's a killer! So I suppose the answer would be yes.

Who do you have the biggest respect for in the music industry?

Ohh... What a sneaky question... I would have to say its got to be for my fellow contemporaries who are still creating and working their way through the music industry during such turbulent times.

You originate from Newcastle. How does the folk music scene up there compare to down here in the South Coast of England?

I have lived down South for nearly eight years now so my sense of the Northern scene has weakened somewhat. However, the last glimpse I had was of the beautiful UnThanks at South By South West a couple of years ago. They really champion the North and have bonafide traditional roots going on. They even do Northumbrian clogg dancing, for crying out loud! I didn't know there was such a thing! But to see three (I'm pretty sure there was three) beautiful, young sisters singing three-part harmonies about coal miners and their sweethearts was pretty moving.

Do you have any shows or festival appearances lined up for this summer? If not, which festivals would you like to perform at?

I would absolutely love to play at Nova full stop. I am loving their line-up!

Which musician or group would you like to tour with the most?

The Music wouldn't really suit but I am absolutely digging Alt -J.

What plans lie ahead of you for the rest of the year? An album perhaps?

I would like to release another single and release the album later in the year... There are still a couple of songs in the pipe-line that might make it on there. I would say to keep writing, evolving and gigging...

Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

Full-time musician with a garden for singing and climbing trees.

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