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The 2 Bears

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The 2 Bears, made up of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and house DJ Raf Daddy, are a whole lot of fun. Seamlessly mixing club-shaking house beats with leftfield electronica and myriad other influences, they've released some of the most purely enjoyable, loveable music of 2011. Their new single 'Work' is out now and you can see the video below. Their debut album, Be Strong, is due for release on January 29. Soundblab collard Raf for a bit of a chat about what we can expect from their up-coming album.

How did you come to choose the name The 2 Bears? 'Bear' is a name for big, hairy fellas in the gay community, of course.

In 2006 our mutual friend Stephen Bass from Moshi Moshi records had a fevered dream about a band called 3 Bears which comprised Joe Goddard, Joe Mount (from Metronomy) and me. Joe Mount was busy making his music in the English Riviera so we just got on with it ourselves

Did you guys DJ together before you made music together? How did the collaboration evolve?

In the DJ box and clubs, we played and partied together a lot.

House is obviously a big influence but what other elements impact on your music?

Life, London, all kinds of other music from reggae to country to old psychedelia.

So far you're music has been generally very upbeat. Will we see a softer or darker side to The 2 Bears?

Oh yes there're definitely non-housey bits on there, yeah.

Any collaborations on the album? Who would you like to work with?

We had Mr Dan Carey play pedal-steel, Finbar Bravo on Steel Pans, some vocals from Mara Carlyle and Alice Gold. Given the chance we'd love to work with Andre 3000.

What new music has impressed you recently?

The Sepalcure album on Hotflush is good and I really like an ambient album called Receiving Calls by Thanet at the moment too.

The two of you both seem pretty busy (DJing, running a record label, making music etc). How easy is it to find the time to work together?

Joe has a Delorean parked up out the back of the studio so it's easy enough.

Which one of you would win in a bear-off - Raf or Joe?

It's all love, baby. What's a bear-off anyways?

What's next for you guys? Will there be a second album?

It's early in the morning here in Australia so breakfast is probably next. We'd love to make another album we're just looking forward to folks hearing this one first though.

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