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Letting Up Despite Great Faults

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Firstly, how did the band name come about? I'm assuming all if not one of you is a Blonde Redhead fan?

Yeah, it's a play on their song title. Basically, the faults are all the faults I see in myself and it's a reminder to me to not hold back because of that.

How did you all meet, did you all know each other?

Some through friends and some through the classifieds. I've played with a lot of different people, but our current roster is awesome. We've all become great friends and that really goes a long way.

How does it feel being signed to Heist or Hit records?

Great! They've been wonderful to work with and we're proud to be part of their team.

Since the release of your EP Movement in 2006, are you pleased with how far you have come?

It's really nice seeing things progress the way they have. It's very organic in a way and I'm just happy that it seems like more and more people are enjoying what we're doing.

How has your music progressed and developed since the release of Movement?

I think there's definitely some level of maturity that has shown itself. I feel like with each song I found out more about myself and I think I'm not only more confident in where I'm going, but maybe more adventurous as well.

What are the thoughts and inspiration behind your music?

I still haven't pinpointed what really drives me. It could be it gives me some sense of self-worth, or maybe I want to live forever by way of these songs. Whatever it is, it's just become a part of me and it's as natural as doing anything else to me. I like to think of it as my diary, but more like a 'best of'.

Your music features a variety of different instruments, how important is it for you to incorporate different sounds?

It's important to me to not replicate the same sound too often, so I try to explore alot, though it's more a digital exploration than an analog or acoustic one.

You have a five-song mini album out on the 24 October called Paper Crush are you excited about the release?

Of course! It's our first UK release and we hope people there like it.

Which do you feel is the strongest track on the album?

I personally like 'Sophia in Gold' because it allowed me to say what I wanted within a minimal sonic environment.

On MySpace, 'In Steps' has had the most plays; would you consider releasing that as a single too?

That's an older song from the full-length. I try to always move forward so I don't think there will be any special release for that song in the future.

Which musicians do you have the most admiration for?

There are so many but maybe I'll just go with one for now: Elliott Smith.

What bands have you supported and are there any you haven't yet supported but would like to?

We most recently played with Active Child - he's amazing. But there are a ton of bands we'd love to play with - Yuck, Twin Shadow, The xx, Pains, Wild Nothing... The list can go on and on. Actually, I would love tour with Wild Flag... That would be so ridiculously fun.

You are set to embark on a UK tour early 2012, I can imagine you are pretty excited?

We are extremely excited! It'll be really great to see our fans out there and we plan on putting out our best.

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