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Soundblab catches up with our favourite "polished turd" electro-punk-whatever band to talk about their up-coming debut album, being scummy and their essential rules for an amazing party.

We last talked to you at the end of 2010. What's been happening since then? Highs and lows?

HIGHS: When Diplo opened for us in Philadelphia! And sitting poolside in Miami was dope. And playing for Soundblab in Leeds. Also getting our latest single 'Care Bear' played on the radio loads.

LOWS: When Hudbu Festival got cancelled this autumn.

Your new single 'Care Bear' is out this week. It's more sort of 'in your face' than your debut 'See Spaces'. Is it more indicative of the sound on your album?

WHATEVER, the album, is pretty cohesive in its chaos. All those songs were pretty much wrote in a haze of drug abuse and heartbreak so it's hard to know about the sound... I guess its the sound of that.

What can you tell us about your debut album? What should we expect?

There are nine good tracks on it! All songs to rage to.

Who did you work with as producer on the album and how was the recording process?

We actually recorded the album three times with three different people in three very different settings. First try was in Madonna's studio in Notting Hill... It ended up sounding too clean and pop. Second was to tape in Dalston Lane with Eddy from Fair Ohs - sounded too rough (as the

tape deck was broken also) and then the third was with DreamTrak who comes from an electro/pop background... We work well with him and the sound was somewhere between the two tries before... We were into that.

Last time I interviewed you, you were planning to go to Dempseys in Sheffield. Did you go and if so how was it? Disgusting?

No! We never made it. But we hear the place is legendary!

You're a bit of a party band - you've played squat parties and stuff. What are you essential do's and do-not-do's for a fucking amazing party?

Create a safe space beforehand for everyone to express there deepest darkest desires... and mix that with a lot drugs and alcohol.

You've got a UK tour coming up. Will you be debuting any new songs?

Not yet! We will play the album from start to finish!

Is it easy to translate your sound to a live environment? Or do you worry more about losing your 'rawness' in the studio?

Yah. I guess that's why it took three times to record it. But were okay with being more like a polished turd.

Got a favourite place to play? Where's the best nightlife?


What's the most rock star thing each of you have ever done?

Hung out with Debbie Harry, George Michael, Jake Sheers and Beth Ditto... Totally felt like the odd one out. We also got to soak in Icelandic thermal water when we went to play at Airwaves festival last year.

And the most scummy?

Fell asleep in a puddle of asbestos juice.

What do you still want to achieve as a band?

Buy a house so everyone can live in it.

'Care Bear' is out now

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