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Get People aren't strangers to a little bit of media hype. Their debut offering 'Careless'/'Odyssey' started a mini frenzy as people hyped them as the next big thing due to their unique sound and their inspired remixes of Is Tropical, Mystery Jets and The Wombats. After touring with Metronomy and hitting the Isle of White Festival, the London three-piece are back with their latest EP Rain Tears. I met up with Caspar, Dom and Martin at the launch for a chat about what the rest of the year has in store…

Let's start with a little background - how did Get People come about?

Dom: We started Get People just to see if we could fuse different dance genres with pop and indie sensibilities and world music influences. Caspar and I met up to write/produce some tracks with this brief in mind but weren't actually looking to start a new band really.

Caspar: We got a bit of buzz with blogs and industry and all anyone asked was "When can we see you live?" and from that point on we just kind of fell into it. So I suppose we were inspired to write and produce together and were very happy to form a band off the back of that.

Your first offering 'Careless'/'Odyssey' received a lot of praise - how did that feel? Do you think that it taught you a lot about how you wanted your next EP to be?

D: It was wicked to get some good feedback, but praise is short-lived if you don't build on it and keep your momentum going. We were really pleased to release our first single on Hit Club having enjoyed releases from Is Tropical, Egyptian Hip Hop etc from that label. In terms of this EP, our sound is developing and we like the way we're moving forward.

Have you got any plans for an album or a tour?

Martin: We want to release our first album next year and maybe another EP/double a-side in autumn. We are starting to confirm our tour dates for autumn too. They'll be going up on our MySpace over the summer.

How was the Isle of Wight festival?

D: We took some friends. We didn't have to camp because one of the friends is from 'the island' as he likes to call it. Free cider all weekend and our first festival slot. It was euphoric.

I hear you're off to Burning Man Festival - excited?

C - The thing with Burning Man is that you don't use money there... You take things to barter with. We are going to take some cheesy London tourist paraphernalia (some ornamental double deckers/royal wedding stuff - that kind of thing). So that will be amusing. However, we may find that people don't lap up that crap and we will not only be boiling in the desert but hungry too.

M: You hear stories that make you pretty excited to go, playing a few slots out there is going to be special.

What was the inspiration behind the EP's name - Rain Tears? Your music is upbeat - why the sad title?

D: Lyrically all of our tunes are quite melancholy but we like to flavour it with quite upbeat melodies. This title is basically about the cycle of being unhappy with being mean to people. The idea that anger breeds more anger...

C: It was certainly fun for us that the song is melancholy, the artwork is like drizzly rain and bare trees but the general tone of the album is much more upbeat and heavier.

Your videos are all really cool - particularly the video for new track 'Rain Tears'. Is that your work?

D: We were lucky enough to get a chap on board called Chris Vickers who produces such interesting, trippy stuff that goes amazingly with our music - he's very talented

Are you the guys in black dancing around in the video?

D: Yeah (haha), that's us!

M: That was the fun bit - doing the dancing.

C: If the actual footage of us doing that ever got out, it would be awful.

M: I've got some here!

D: No! It looks cool when it's all blacked out but in reality it's us dancing around in front of a green screen

C: With the video thing in general, we have always wanted it to be quite escapist because the idea is that as we progress, we want people to come to our shows and be transported to somewhere else. We want our videos to reflect that, to be quite abstract.

I saw the video for your track 'Odyssey' - that was pretty trippy...

C: We did that ourselves. To begin with, before we had any budget for the videos we used to do them all ourselves. We wanted to keep doing that but then we realised that we were spending so much time on them that we weren't writing enough tunes so we had to prioritise.

D: We really want to have visuals as part of the live show but we've had to put it aside a little bit for the time being because we're supporting people and if they don't use visuals then we can't really. It's something we definitely want to do in the future.

C: That's definitely the plan and we want to set aside enough of a budget a little bit further down the line so that everything can have videos.

D: We want to give our shows that added visual dimension. We've seen other people's amazing visuals before and they are just awesome - they really draw you in, get you inside the music, its just a better experience, makes you feel the music, enjoy it more. We really like Jonsi, the guy from Sigur Ros's solo project. He creates the most spine-tingling, incredible visuals.

You've drawn a lot of comparisons, Tears For Fears, The Klaxons, The xx - are there any that you are particularly pleased with or which you don't like?

D: There was one the other day that I quite liked, they said Pet Shop Boys meets The xx - we were happy with that

C: It is hard when you draw comparisons because we don't like to say "Oh, we're like that band..." and the whole point of this is our love for dance music. We took production influences from across the board and our love for all those bands of course helped to develop our style

You guys have been the brains behind a lot of great remixes - is there any track that you are itching to get your hands on or a band that you would like to work with?

D: At the moment we're trying to get the rights to do a remix of Oh Land, 'Wolf and I' - it"s a banging tune and we've kind of got half a bootleg going on which we'd love to work on more.

C: She's doing really well, she's very beautiful and that track in particular had some really current, underground production to it. She's since got a bit poppier, which was inevitable I guess because she's got the backing.

Is there any one in particular that you guys are inspired by?

D: It began for me with Ray Davies and The Kinks in terms of song-writing, they were just so good.

C: In terms of people who are trying to achieve things that aren't too dissimilar to us at the moment - I really like people like Yeasayer and Gorillaz. People who are spanning genres whilst creating their own sound, that's something that we are certainly trying to do.

Finally, if you were to define your sound how would you do so?

C: There was a good one on Twitter the other day which we all quite liked which was "Topical, tropical electronica".

Get People's EP Rain Tears is available to buy on iTunes now.

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