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London-based psychedelic drone-pop band Inca Gold formed in late 2010 and have already built a reputation as one of London's most exciting bands. Their self-titled debut EP was released on February 14 2011 and hot on its heels will come Inca Gold II. Glitchy, layered guitars mixed with soft drumming and dazed meaningful vocals had me lost in their music. It's different and different is always good.

So, you formed in late 2010, how has the year been for you so far?

We've all been very busy writing and recording as well as playing live. We have still got a lot to learn as a band so these are exciting times to experiment and find our 'sound'.

Your self-titled Inca Gold was released recently; exciting times. Were you suprised about how much positive critical acclaim it recieved?

We are very proud of it, so yes, it's always a good surprise to receive a good response. It was nice to hear people thought it sounded really big considering it was mainly done in our home studios.

Congratulations on that. What went in to it, in terms of musicality and emotion?

The first EP was had a bit of fragmented recording process, so it's hard to tell. Inca Gold started with this music before it was even a real band, so I think there was a time where we were all trying to find our place and where each one of us fits into the overall sound. We are still learning this and hopefully it will take while because if not it might get pretty boring.

How does it feel to be called one of London's most exciting bands?

It feels… exciting?

In less than a month you have three more London shows lined up; which of those are you most excited about?

On the June 8 we are launching Inca Gold II at The Victory in East London. Wait.. That is in more than a month, right?

Any festivals planned for this year? If not, which ones would be on your 'to do list'?

No festival plans yet… but we would definitely love to play in a festival on an island far, far away where the sun shines forever.

How different will the music on Inca Gold II be and have you gathred new thoughts and concepts for it?

Compared to the first EP, we played the songs live before recording them. So I think it's got more of a live vibe to it… and it's maybe a bit darker.

You're set to release three EPs this year. Is each one set to have a differrent theme behind it?

The idea behind the three EPs is to document the musical evolution of a new band in it's first year of existence. The songs on the EP's are just a reflection of a particular space and time. I think it's the perfect evolution towards an album.

You have been compared to a host of artists, including Joy Division and The Verve, but who is your biggest influence?

We all got very different influences. At the moment we are listening to Portishead's Third a lot.

Do you think there's a lot of room for psychedelic music right now?

I think there's room for everything. One thing the internet has given us is access to a lot of different music. Most music being made now is a big melting pot of different genres and styles. Now the question is, are we really making psychedelic music?

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