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Sometimes humble people like myself are fortunate enough to stumble upon a band that are on the cusp of something great and when I squished myself into the grimy upstairs room at London's Old Blue Last on Monday, I witnessed just that. Brighton-based band Jumping Ships are mid-tour to promote their new single 'Heart and, Hope' and judging by the crowd's response and my incessant toe-tapping, it's all going very well. These guys are good, their songs are catchy, their performance is tight and to top it all off, they are all thoroughly nice chaps. I caught up with lead singer, Mike Williams and lead guitarist, Kai Smith to have a chat about what this year has in store for them.

So guys - you've had an exciting start to the year: you signed with Alcopop! Records. Must be an exciting time for you. Has it all been pretty full on?

Mike: It has been crazy full on, crazy.

Kai: We've had a seriously rigorous schedule I tell you.

Mike: Yeah, Alcopop! wanted us to put a single out straight away basically to keep the momentum going so it all moved quite fast. We signed on January 22 and they wanted a release on March 7 so it's been pretty crazy and pretty stressful but hey, life is stressful!

And the single is out today - 'Heart and Hope'. You've been touring to launch the single; how have the crowds responded to the song so far?

Kai: It's been really good.

Mike: Considering we've had quite a tense time scale, we've had a really good response. We had the track recorded and mixed, really nicely mixed.

Kai: We're all really happy with how it sounds and everyone who's heard it so far has really liked it.

Mike: It'll be a good bridge between the EP that we did in October (Orientation) and the next EP as well.

And when should we expect the next EP?

Mike: I don't know, summer time I think…

Kai: Yeah it's going to be summer time, in time for festival season.

Cool, and which festivals are you doing?

Mike: We're doing Southsea Fest in Portsmouth, Redfest in Redhill.

Kai: The Great Escape in Brighton as well and some other smaller ones, one called The Big Weekend in Hampshire.

Mike: The festival in Redhill should be a good one - last year they had some big names on the line-up, Enter Shikari, Hadouken…

Kai: It should be fun, we're looking forward to it. The Great Escape in Brighton will be great as well, bands play gigs in different places around the city. We're playing in a barbers shop which will be cool - maybe we'll get free haircuts…

Do you think that being from a place as creative as Brighton and with such a thriving music scene has helped you guys?

Mike: Yeah I think so. I mean, there are just so many bands and musicians everywhere you look.

Kai: There's so many musicians, so much live music going on all the time. It's just like a big melting pot of really talented people. It's great to be involved in that.

Mike: Plus we have a lot of competition so it makes you strive to be the best, there's so much competition, so much - you really have to stay on top of your game.

Any artists/bands from Brighton you would recommend we check out?

Mike: Ooh - do we owe anyone a favour?

Kai: There are some great bands, some great established bands as well that you should check out, like The Xcerts - they're really good.

Mike: Yeah, they're awesome. Who else? God, there is so many, you'll just have to come down to The Great Escape and see for yourself.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about how you guys started out?

Mike: Well, I'm originally from Wokingham and I started out on my own and moved down to Brighton, but when you're on your own it's pretty hard to build a buzz you know and you have to be amazing, it's hard work.

Kai: Singer/songwriters just seem to be gigging relentlessly.

Mike: So, yeah I decided to get a band together. It's probably about two/two-and-a-half-years-old now. A guy called Tristan and I started it all off and when he couldn't fully commit I got Kai on board and he knew our bass player, Rich, from York and I knew Alex our drummer and it all just came together. There're so many musicians in Brighton and there's a kind of small town mentality, everyone knows everyone and you get introduced to people all the time.

Kai: We all moved down here to study and got introduced by friends and the rest is history really.

It must be a lot of fun touring with a band?

Mike: It is a lot of fun yeah but it can be quite stressful at times

Soundblab: Do you all get along?

Kai: Absolutely, we get along really well.

Soundblab: Trashed any hotel rooms?

Kai: In France… We played a festival in October and we got so much free alcohol, we got treated so well and then it all descended into a few fights and… You know how it is…

Have you toured much around Europe?

Mike: Not really, no, but it was so much fun, we're looking to go back out there but at the moment we're just focusing on home.

For those out there who haven't heard your stuff, how would you describe it?

Kai: Well, it's pretty rock, pretty loud. Bit of alt-rock with pop sensibilities…

Mike: It's got a bit of an indie twinge as well but it's pretty heavy as well.

What's next for you guys?

Mike: Well, we've been on tour and we're playing a homecoming gig in Brighton on the 17 March if anyone fancies coming down.

Kai: The single, 'Heart and Hope', is out now and the video is nearly finished and will be out soon.

Mike: And then an EP around summertime, just in time for all the summer fun.

'Heart and Hope' is available to buy on itunes or head to www.ilovealcopop.co.uk

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