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Beataucue: Two lads from Normandy who are so ridiculously cool you'd probably never heard of them before the start of this sentence but they'll be your new favourite French disco duo by the time you reach this full stop. Alex and Mederic of Beataucue will no doubt get described as 'typically French' by UK music journos, which basically means they're a bit distant, effortlessly trend-setting and make music which makes you want to jump up and down and hug things, possibly other people, but just whatever's nearby. Their bloopy, glitchy, stuttering tracks often seem to approach dance music from a totally non-linear perspective but still pack an authentic disco wallop.

From forming as a bedroom-based project not too long ago, Beataucue have already colonized the right blogs, DJ-ed all over the world, remixed the likes of Kylie, Boys Noize and Brodinski & Noob and got talked up by Armand Van Helden. Their new track 'Belong' is featured of the Kitsune Parisien compilation, released February 21.

You recently started releasing original material after a number of really well received remixes of other artists' tracks. Was it part of a game plan to do it that way round?

Alexis: We didn't plan. we just make music for fun & we had chance to remix some big artist and after we released our first EP.

Mederic: There was no plan at start, we were just making these remixes for fun & then we got to release an EP.

How did you guys meet and start making music?

Alexis: Mederic sold a broad range of drugs at the college and i was his best customer

Mederic: We met at school & we noticed later that we were digging the same music so we start making noise together.

I read on Dazed Digital that your name is a mix of DJ slang and something rude in French. Would you care to elaborate for Soundblab?

Alexis: Yes, it's just a French joke about sexual thing and a technical DJ.

Mederic: Ah ha, yes. BeatauCue is about putting the cue on the first beat but when you say it in french, it sounds like "bite au cul" which means dick in the ass

You've certainly set the blogs alight and got support from some big names, such as Armand Van Helden. Has the reaction surprised you?

Alexis: Yes of course, it's really amazing when we see a DJ who play our track and support our stuff

Mederic: It's always a pleasure to watch big names playing our tracks/remixes. It was really surprising at start, when Diplo was playing our major lazier remix in his essential mix.

Is remixing underground acts different from doing the same for a big star like Kylie? Which do you prefer?

Alexis: Yes, it's the same, we keep the best part and we make a different beat with them.

Mederic: The process is the same in remixing more or less big names. I prefer remixing big names because the parts are better.

Are you still based in Caen in Normandy? Or have you been tempted to move to a big city?

Alexis: I love Caen, i feel good to be here.

Mederic: Yes, I'm still based in Caen, there is nothing planned about moving to a big city for the moment.

What were your first musical loves?

Alexis: I don't know but I love Deadmau5, Diplo, Eric Prydz, Skrillex...

Mederic: I don't know about my first but the artists i love the most right now are Prydz, Diplo, Deadmau5, Afrojack.

You've DJ-ed all over the world. Do you have a favourite place to play?

Alexis: I love Social Club in Paris, very nice place!

Mederic: I got a great souvenir from a night at Nouveau Casino in Paris and Australia was really good too.

What's it like being on Kitsuné? Do you have a lot of freedom?

Alexis: We are totally free, we make music what we like, we have a very good feeling with Kitsuné.

Mederic: It's really cool, we are not forced to make a particular style of music.

What's next for Beataucue?

Alexis: We release an original track called 'Behold' on the new Kitsuné Parisien compilation out February 21. We finished a rmx for Yelle and another for Depressed Buttons.

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