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Two Wounded Birds

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Fresh from their recent tour supporting The Drums, we caught up with hotly tipped Margate band, Two Wounded Birds.

Let's talk Margate. Your press info leaves it at 'dismal', yet apparently it is the home of the UK's oldest rollercoaster and the Dreamland themepark. Sounds heavenly.

Ha! Well, it certainly is the home of the oldest rollercoaster and once Dreamland. It's kind of falling apart but it's got its charms. The beach is great. I've spent so many nights on the beach with my friends with a fire going and it's been great. Its home. It's nice to explore other places but it's always comforting to come back to what you know. The rollercoaster isn't very good, but it is haunted!

Dreamland used to have all these amazing rides like the looping star and the big wheel and stuff, but i think they became unsafe and now they are in Mexico or somewhere like that, I heard!

Lacklustre seaside towns aside, was the strong West Coast bent to your sound on the EP a deliberate reflex to your surroundings or an unintentional by-product?

Ive always been fascinated by that movement, the music, the culture, lifestyle and it just seems really enchanting to me, because it seems so different to what we have here. The music is the main draw and I think our sound reflects that, but it wasn't an intentional thing, because I'm into lots of different things, but perhaps because I've been enjoying that for a while it's crept into the music a little bit.

You were picked up on the Holiday Friends Recording Co label by Jacob Graham - it sounds very much like a family affair with everyone pitching in with their own musical projects alongside the running of the label. Was this a deliberate decision on your part not to sign to a major?

Holiday is a great great thing; the idea of just giving away some amazing new music on a weekly basis is a really good one, it gives people something to get excited about when everything is accessible straight away. Holiday have helped us out massively in that respect; they found us, and now they've put our first EP out as the first release on their physical label. It's not a deliberate decision that we didn't want to sign to a major, it's just that sometimes the people who really love music, and are doing it for the right reasons, may be looking a bit harder. All we'd done is put our demos up on MySpace. The rest is history!

Did The Drums support slot come about as a result of the Holiday Records connection or was it more owing to a complement of styles?

When Holiday found us, we spoke pretty much everyday after that, met up with Jacob and The Drums and just became really great friends. Its probably a bit of both. Some of our influences are similar and there's a lot in each other that we like.

What were you all listening to while writing material for the debut EP? The tracks seem evocative of many styles - the reverb washes bring Dick Dale and Tarantino soundtracks to mind, and the winsome vocal delivery reminds us of everything that was great about grolups like The Shangri-Las and The Crystals....

Im really into pop music from the 50s, i think it's the melodies and the sounds of the recordings, like the doo wop and early soul. It's why songs from that time last forever, because they are perfect, timeless. I enjoy listening to lots of new music but I think there's something magical about bands like tThe Ronettes and that whole pop thing. It's something I'm really engrossed in.

The EP is an intriguing blend of sun-specked uplift and shadowy late-night tunes - what plans are there for the first album? Do you see things progressing in a similar idiom?

The writing for the album is taking it's own direction, there're a few different sounds in there, but I'm finding it really exciting at the moment writing. I don't sit down and think, "Oh, I need to write a song that sounds this way" because that wouldn't make it very good ifIi approached it that way. It's going to be something I'm very proud of.

If you could give any track the cover treatment, who would you go for and why?

That's a good question. Oh, there are so many songsIi wish id written... I'll probably read this back and disagree with what I've said, but right now, 'Lonesome Town' by Ricky Nelson. It's such a lovely song. The lyrics are amazing, and the way he sings it, it's just so perfect. I probably couldn't make it any better than it already is. Maybe 'Remember Rita' by The Barons, which has to be one of the best doo wop songs ever.

You're compiling the five best ever songs of the sea, the list is:

Of the sea!? Oh! Do they have to be about the sea or have the word 'sea' in them? Here we go, 'The Lonely Sea' (The Beach Boys) 'Surfin' USA' (The Beach Boys) 'Hawaii' (The Beach Boys) 'Catch a Wave' (The Beach Boys) 'Surfer Girl' (The Beach Boys).

'Keep Dreaming Baby' is out now on Holiday Records. Click here to download free track 'Night Patrol' from the EP.

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