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Kelley Stoltz releases his new album on November 1 and heads over our way to support his heroes, Echo & the Bunnymen. We'll be reviewing both album and gig but first we caught up for a quick chat.

You recorded a track by track cover of Echo & the Bunnymen's 'Crocodiles'; how influential were they on your musical career?

They were my favorite band as a kid. Got me to start dressing cool, using hairspray and dreaming about music all the time. And they talked up and covered so many bands - so I would chase down records by The Velvets and Leonard Cohen as a teen and that influences you too. Without them I'm selling cars...

What's your favourite Echo & the bunnymen song?

'Going Up'.

Did you have any affinity with other post-punk bands of that era?

Yeah thats when I was growing up so I listened to lots of it - Smiths, Bauhaus, New Order, The Cure, XTC, The Fall, Violent Femmes...

When you signed to Sub Pop, did you feel a sense of pressure considering the great bands that have signed to the label over the last 20 years?

Honestly, a lot of what they signed in their 'glory years' wasn't my taste. So I felt pressure being signed by them more for the size of it and the reputation. But I'm a fan of some of my contemporaries there - Jennifer Gentle, Vetiver, Daniel Martin Moore... and so I want to do good by them.

Touring can be a real slog at times, especially in the States. What do you do to occupy your time when travelling?

I usually have a few magazines around. Drink tea and have lots of water. Snacks are good too. Mainly though I try and catch up on rest - so if i'm not driving, I just stare out the window and try and go to sleep. Sometimes I do that while driving too.

What do you like most about the UK when you tour and what sort of reactions do you get from fans?

I love the history of the place in my anglophile pop culture ways - walking Penny Lane or Abbey Road, visiting Nick Drake's grave, going to the Salford Lads Club, trying to find Mark E Smith's local pub... The record shopping is great! Everything is a glossy import. Fan reaction varies from town to town, but generally I've had some good shows there. Especially in York, Liverpool and London.

Singer-songwriters are ubiquitous nowadays, what do you consider to be your USP that keeps you ahead of the rest?

Im not sure what USP is - I think it's my ESP... and my ESP tells me to write great melodies.

(We meant unique selling position)

Who or what do you claim to be your main influences?

PG Tips, salsa and chips, hummus, vinyl LP's, The Kinks, San Francisco, Beatles, Bunnymen.

What was the first record you ever bought and is cool enough to reveal to us?

First 45 was 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen -- first LP was Village People - 'Go West'... I was about eight-years-old. I was an early advocate of gay music I guess.

Whats the plan over the next couple of years

Keep on jamming, making up incredible songs - in the hope that someone listens.

Catch him on tour soon

28-Nov Bristol Start the Bus ++FREE SHOW++
29-Nov London Brixton Windmill ++HEADLINE++
30-Nov Winchester Railway Inn ++HEADLINE++
01-Dec Bristol St Bonaventures ++HEADLINE++
02-Dec Nottingham The Maze ++HEADLINE++
04-Dec Birmingham Academy ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
06-Dec Oxford Academy ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
07-Dec Manchester Ritz ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
08-Dec Glasgow Academy ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
09-Dec London Brixton Academy ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
11-Dec Liverpool Olympia ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::
12-Dec Liverpool Olympia ::w/Echo and the Bunneymen::

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