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Young Rebel Set (looked after by Oasis' management) are beginning to get fans up and down the country with their full-hearted, troubadour melodies. After self-releasing two very limited edition singles last year, and following the release of their 'Won't Get Up Again' EP through the band's own label in May, Young Rebel Set are putting the finishing touches on their debut album, which they are delighted to announce will be released early in 2011. We caught up with them and asked a few questions:

How did you come up with the name Young Rebel Set - it's kind of on the way to sounding like something from a James Dean or Brando film, but with 'set' at the end instead of 'gang' for instance… Explanations?

At the time we came up with it we had hundreds and hundreds of terrible names, so we decided to pick the worst one we could think of... I think we were trying to be ironic. But i don't think it comes across like that at all. However, at the end of the day a name's just a name.

We all hear about tough geordie birds and blokey football teams from the North East; was it quite a rebellious time growing up in Stockton-on-Tees - it's not the best side of England to come from, or is it?

You get good and bad everywhere. It's no better or worse than any other part of the country. Stockton-on-Tees isn't exactly known for being the best town in the world but it's our town, and we have no choice but to love it.

So which team do you support? Newcastle, Middlesborough, or do you not get involved being musos?

Most of us follow Middlesbrough. And as Boro supporters we're hardened to disappointment and mediocrity, it's in our blood.

You've been described as mysterious, gritty and urban, so, as there's seven of you in the band, give me seven words YOU think describe you?

Hard-working, brotherly, loving, energetic, unfortunate, confident and bloody-good-looking.

The Fly once said your songs are "life affirming" - tell us what life affirming times you might have had?

I once had a Kit Kat that was just chocolate all the way through, no wafer. Imagine that.

Have you actually been through as much heartache or 'romance against the odds' as the press release leads us to believe?

Of course. Press releases never big anything up. Everyone has been through heartache haven't they? We write about romance, love etc because they're personal to us. It seems to be a recurring theme that most of the band fail dismally at relationships so therefore we have quite a large amount of ammunition on that topic to use for writing songs.

Now they've used your song, are you duty bound to wear Levi's for the rest of your career?

Unfortunately we're not whore-ish enough to get full corporate sponsorship from Levi's but we're still trying. Fingers crossed.

Where's the most exciting place you've played and why, good venue, generous rider, brilliant crowd?

Terrace Hill in Hamburg. It was an old wartime venue that we played on the last tour. The building was just a huge mass of concrete, like the most mundane architecture you've ever seen but it was a belting night.

What do you think of touring - some bands love it, some hate it, and you've got one on the go right now?

We love being on the road. It can get tiresome at times but to play to different crowds every night and meet so many different people is quality. Hopefully we'll have a few more interesting characters at the shows this month.

So what's up for you guys next? Fill us in on your plans for the next few months.

We'll be releasing our third single 'Measure of a Man' in November. We're heading back out to Germany a couple of times and then early next year we will be releasing our debut album and touring that as much as possible, so come and see us play and have a beer with us, it'd be much appreciated.

Why not take them up on their offer? Young Rebel Set will be playing the following dates:

Saturday 16th October - The Factory (FAC251) - Manchester
Wednesday 20th October - Borderline - London
Thursday 21st October - Moles - Bath
Friday 22nd October - Dempseys - Cardiff SWN Festival
Saturday 23rd October - Cooler - Bristol
Thursday 28th October - The Electric Circus - Edinburgh
Friday 29th October - Hootanannys (Free Show) - Inverness
Saturday 30th October - King Tuts - Glasgow

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