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The Soundcarriers (Akoustik Anarchy at The Ducie Bridge, Manchester)

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Imagine floating about California on acid climbing into people's rooms to crash their house party a la Jim Morrison. Not that taking acid is at all advisable, but this is kinda what The Soundcarriers make you feel like when you see them live.

Taking sounds you'd find from acts like Can and other 60s or 70s experimental folk outfits, the atmospheric intros and whirly spacey sounds aren't always totally original, but what music is totally original these days? Something new and unique in all is what's best, and The Soundcarriers' live show effervesces with dreamy, psychedelic retro sounds, swirly Hammond, angelic vocals and pulsing bass.

Now on their second album, Celeste, I met the band years ago at an Akoustik Anarchy gig in the basement of a Mancunian pub before their first had been released, and they've not really changed too much. Only in the sense that the new album is more developed musically, which you'd expect, and the keyboard player is now blonde - a different girl, Leonore, not a dye job on the original player (Carly).

I hooked up with Pish (bass) again in The Ducie Bridge pub for another Akoustik Anarchy gig, reminisced over some cider, and had a bit of a catch-up about their home-made studio, playing in Victorian tunnels and the effect of technology on modern communication. Deep stuff.

So, it's been a while! What have you all been up to?

It has; four years or so. It's been quite an adventure really. Not a lot has changed, nothing dramatic, which is great. We've learnt a lot, gigged a lot and built our confidence in our sound and what we do. You have to put yourself through it when you're in music; gig, do support slots, work hard. You've got to make it work.

Down to the nuts and bolts; tell me about the new album.

It's out on August 2, our second, and we've stuck to Heron Records to release it. We're launching it n London, but we're doing a special launch in Nottingham, our hometown.

And what are you doing after that? What's happening on the tour?

We've got another few dates of our own, but we're playing with Erland & the Carnival, which we're pretty excited about. That'll be at Cecil Sharpe House, the home of British folk and country music, very happy about being able to play there. We like playing at places with a bit of character.

Like this place then?

Ha, yeah! We'll also be going over to Liverpool to play in the Williamson Tunnels. I think they were built by a local entrepreneur in Victorian times, but I'm not too sure what they were for but it's going to be good playing underneath the city.

(Williamson Tunnels are effectively a labyrinth beneath the city with much speculation as to their purpose)

Sadly we're not doing Green Man Festival this year. We loved that last year; it's such a cool and laid back festival.

So, last time I saw you all the keys player was brunette - what did you do to her?

Well, we replaced her with Leonore - it's nothing serious! Leonore's been with us two years or so now, mucks in with the writing alongside Adam (drums) and I.

So she's not just a pretty blonde then?

Not at all, cheeky, she's very useful, thanks! Our writing process is quite unique, actually: the rhythm section of a band doesn't usually lead with the writing process. When we get to the studio we all have input and develop the songs, though, and we do write quite fast. The first two albums are actually a backlog of ideas from way back, and I've still got stuff on my four-track!

So what pushes you on to write so much? Have you got a crazy brain with endless ideas?

There's no one specifically who influences me. I'm influenced by any audible sound really. I record noises that I find interesting and shape them into different things on each track. We like to create our own personal sonic signature. It seems to have had some good feedback so far! Justin Spear (Freakzone, 6Music) really likes us.

And you've got your 'home studio' haven't you? That's pretty cool, and lucky.

Yeah we rehearse there; we've done both albums there. We can do what we want - very lucky. We'd like to get more instruments in, strings maybe, branch out a bit more for the things we're planning.

What are you going to do next? You're not going to go AWOL for another four years?

We've not been AWOL, you just didn't see us! We'd love to get out to Europe, there have been a few offers so we need to get onto that. Bands seem to have a better response than they get in the UK sometimes, Berlin is cool and France. We want to make sure we tour Europe in an organised way though, make it a big thing. Hopefully, we'll get to do Green Man again next year too!

Bet you're looking forward to getting back to the hotel and a good book then tonight?

Yeah right, we're driving home. In fact, I'm driving home. It'll take about three hours, and then we've got to drop all the gear off.

Blimey, tough job. Seeing as you're working so hard I'd better make sure I save this properly and write it up well, eh?

Hmmm, I'm not too sure about those things; (iPhone) technology is getting too fancy these days. Everyone has books on digital things now I've noticed. Whatever happened to buying something, wearing pages down, holding onto something?

That's a whole other conversation…

I know yeah. I just like to keep things simple.

Me too… Now where's the save button?

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I'll be in Liverpool in the tunnels this coming Saturday, looking forward to it. If anyone else is going let me know and I might let you buy me a pint

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