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Gregg Davies aka electro act Savier recently took time out from his busy schedule to chat about new E.P Serenade My Enemy exclusively to Soundblab.

What is the main message behind Serenade My Enemy?

Well, I don't really have a message I'm trying to get across, not consciously anyway. I just make the music that I like to listen to. If you mean the message behind the title, I'm afraid there isn't one there either. Words just pop into my head and sometimes they make the titles for my tracks. I just though "Serenade My Enemy" sounded cool.

The EP paints a very bleak picture; do you have to go to dark places in your mind to create this music?

I don't think so. I don't purposely try and get into a specific mood to create music. If I feel particularly angry or down, I won't start making tunes. I just get the urge and then go for it. I find bleak, dark and depressing music to be the most interesting and satisfying to listen to, so that's probably why my own music sounds the way it does.

Did any albums or particular artists inspire your sound?

I try not to be influenced directly by other people's music, but some artists/bands that have inspired me to use my creativity and experiment are Whitehouse, Speedy J (especially A Shocking Hobby), Curse of the Golden Vampire, Ministry and Mick Harris. My sound has evolved to what it is now over eight or so years of making tunes. When I first started, I was trying to make drum'n'bass that sounded like Tech Itch and Dom & Roland but I got bored of that and I started experimenting with sounds a lot more.

What separates Savier from every other music act out there?

That's a really hard one to answer. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm not trying to make music that I think will please everyone. When I sit down to start a tune, I'm doing it because I love it and I'm only really aiming to cater for my own tastes. Obviously my tastes aren't completely unique, so some other people who are into similar sounds might like my music too.

How has it been working on MoMT Records for the first time?

Awesome. Ian (Proudfoot) is a sound guy and it's great of him to give me a chance. MoMT has opened my music up to a whole new bunch of people so I'm very chuffed with that.

Which track is your favourite on Serenade...? And why?

Probably 'The Beginning V2...'. I made version 1 about four years ago. The only thing that's salvaged from the original is the main beat and the dark pad that filters in about a minute and a half into it. It's inspired me to write a short play. I'm not going to give away the story though.

Were you unhappy with any of the tracks or production on the EP?

No I'm happy with them all. Lapse took the longest, I wasn't happy with the subs for along time and almost gave it up. Skink did a superb mastering job on them.

Where does the name Savier come from?

When I was a young lad I knew this French kid called Savier. He died so I nicked his name. I just came across this definition on Urban Dictionary - "A generally sex appealing man with a hot body and nice abs. He is usually very attractive to pale white women with blue eyes. He likes to seduce them into a trans-like state and after that is done he likes to kill them for sexual pleasure. This is why blue eyes are going extinct." Not so convinced by the blue eyes part...

What is next for Savier?

I'm making new tunes all the time. I've got a pile here waiting to get out and be heard. I'd really like to get some gigs though. I haven't played one in around a year and a half.

What are you currently listening to?

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Unsane, particularly Visqueen and Scattered, Somthered, Covered. I've also been listening to Dead Fader - Corrupt My Examiner, Blood of Heroes, Admiral Angry, Drug Honkey -Death Dub, a couple of releases from Nohmad Records (K and 6RME) and Venemous Concept.

How do others find working with you in the studio?

I've never really worked in the studio with anyone else, other than my mate Ingen who is a techno producer and DJ. We occasionally have a jam together but we haven't created anything as of yet. I'm currently collaborating with Paul Gillis from Drug Honkey and KLLU, and Chris Coccia from Monotremata on a couple of tracks. They're across the pond though so we can't work in the studio together. I just sent them some beats and bass and they are recording some guitar and vocals.

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